• Fishing Photography
Everyone loves a good “hero” shot of themselves and their trophy fish, but here are a few pointers on making sure your “grip and grin” photo is more a work of art than just another photograph:
-as always, make sure the horizon is level!
-ignore your subject and set the exposure for the background
-use a flash to now illuminate your subject giving your photo a perfect background as well as a eye popping subject in the forground
-hold the fish in the water until the photo is ready to be taken. This helps the fish survive and also adds to your image. Water pouring off the fish is always a good thing
-do not cover the entire fish with your hands… no one cares what your hands look like!
  • The Basics
Everyone needs to start somewhere! We all had to learn the basics about photography and here’s a few tips to composing a great image:
-learn your camera… take a course, read the manual or use the internet in order to make full use of your camera’s capabilities
-one thing many people over look is the horizon! Make sure the horizon line is level in the photo… a very simple thing to keep in mind that will improve your photos
-use a tripod! even the steadiest of hands can use a little help
-like anything else, practice makes perfect… the more you shoot, the better your images will become
-when photographing wildlife, know your subject… the better you understand wildlife, the better the opportunities you’ll enjoy
-don’t let rain or snow ruin a great photo opt! If you don’t have a waterproof housing, ¬†a plastic bag or a shower cap will do the trick!
-and above all, don’t put yourself in dangerous positions! At the end of the day, it’s only a photograph!
  • Bear Photography

For any wildlife photographer there’s an animal that they love to photograph above all others; for me, without question it’s bears! Through my images, I try to share my experiences with these amazing creatures. From May through November, there’s nothing that I want to do more than to find the next bear to photograph. Watching grizzly bear cubs play and chase each other on a hillside can be one of the most comical displays as you’ll ever see in nature. They are so playful as cubs and can be even as adults. This is a side of bears that few people will ever see or understand and is why I try to capture this in my ¬†stories and photographs for everyone to appreciate. Bears really are a misunderstood animal! Through hundreds of encounters, there have been a few close calls, but generally bears are gentle and really want nothing to do with people. Of course, you’re always wise to keep your distance as no matter how well you think you understand a wild animal, they are always unpredictable!

Keep an eye out this coming summer for my newest bear pictures!

  • Still Looking

I’ve spent my whole life in the wilderness, always looking for a great photo… but there’s one thing I still have never seen: a cougar! I’ve come across tracks so fresh that I’ve felt I needed to continuously look over my shoulder. It’s an eery feeling to know there’s a huge cat somewhere near by, but never being able to see it! They are something that are always on my mind when I’m out in the wilderness, but still have never got even a glimpse of one! As a photographer, it’s a dream to have a chance to photograph one in a natural setting! I can’t even imagine the thoughts of being within a stones throw of such a natural born killer! Hopefully when the day does come, I can keep nerves and hold the camera nice and steady!!