Naoto Aoki was born in Banff National Park in 1982. As a young child, he was introduced to a life in the outdoors by his family. From fishing to hiking, Naoto spent every waking minute doing something outside. It was this early influence that laid the foundation for a life working hand in hand with nature.

Naoto’s passion all through childhood was fishing! That’s all he thought about and he spent every possible moment on the water somewhere. No matter how much he fished, Naoto could never get enough. This is actually how his love for photography developed. At first, like most photographers, his parents bought him a small point and shoot camera to capture images of his prize fish. Things took off from there!

In his early 20′s, Naoto began travelling all around the world as a result of different fishing opportunities. As time progressed, however,he wasn’t as concerned with the fish he caught and he spent more and more time with a camera in his hand than a fly rod. He started working for different fly fishing magazines and a television show called Fly Max Films which really opened the doors for him. Naoto was being sent from country to country to fish and take photos of his adventures. “It’s a dream come true, travelling the world to fish and take photos… it can’t get better than this.”  His work has been published all over the world in countless magazines and he is currently hosting the television production, Fly Nation TV.

Now two decades after his parents bought him his first camera, photography has overtaken fishing as his main passion in life. His love for wildlife and his great understanding of nature has produced some of the most breathtaking wildlife images to be found. He spends the majority of his time in the mountains with his camera in hand, looking to capture that next beautiful image in nature.